Our Team

We are working hard to turn VeloMini into a product that can revolutionize the electric bike industry. Please help us make this dream a reality.


Douglas Schwartz 

Doug is the brains behind VeloMini. He's been an expert in the electric bike industry for over a decade, so he understands what works and what doesn't. With VeloMini, his goal is to provide the best sub-compact electric bike on the market. He controls the entire process - from designing the bike, to producing and testing each individual piece. Doug's passion for bicycles and alternative energy fueled him to develop a product that can change the landscape of transportation worldwide. 

Jonah Alva

Jonah is the Digital Marketing Manager for VeloMini. He works on business design, branding, and creating marketing content. He's young and working hard to do his part for the company. Jonah is taking care of all social media pages and will be pushing for all platforms to be active and have loads of content. He also helps with photography and videography for the company and takes care of our Youtube channel.

Behind The Scenes

Our Vision

      At VeloMini, our goal is to provide great quality electric bikes at an affordable price. We make bikes that are ultra portable, efficient, and easy to use. With the price of gas rising and urban areas becoming more populated, people are turning to alternative methods of transportation. Our bikes are the perfect option for people who commute to work, school, or need to get someplace local. They also go great with public transportation, because the lightweight frame is designed to fit almost any space. With VeloMini, our vision is not only to change the way people commute, but also work towards a cleaner future.