With the VeloMini Plus, our mission was to create a bike that changes the way people use bicycles. We set out to design the most versatile and user-friendly sub-compact electric bike on the market. By combining an ultra portable lightweight design with advanced electronics that allow the rider to choose between three different ride modes, the VeloMini+ provides power and comfort on hills and flat roads in nearly all riding conditions. 


The Strong but Silent Type

The 250 watt brushless electric motor delivers quiet power that effortlessly with the twist of the throttle. For riders who enjoy the traditional experience of a bicycle, the VeloMini Plus comes with three levels of Pedal Assist, which makes it easy to cruise along flat roads, and go up and down hills without breaking a sweat. 


Round Trip

The built in 24 volt 10 Amp hour battery provides up to 18 miles of range on a single charge, making VeloMini+ the perfect bike for the daily commute, and first-mile / last-mile transportation. 

Portability Redefined

When folded, the VeloMini+ is less than 3 feet in length, and about half as tall. At only 29 lbs, it's easy to carry on public transit, or in the trunk of any car. The rear rack doubles as a stand, keeping the bike upright on any flat surface. 


Night or Day

At VeloMini, your safety is our top priority. VeloMini Plus comes with built in LED headlights and taillights that automatically turn on with the bike. See and be seen when riding at night or in areas with low light. 

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