VeloMini Battery replacement

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VeloMini Battery replacement


Eventually you will need to replace the batteries on your VeloMini or VeloMini Plus. The new batteries for the Original VeloMini are purchased from the Netherlands are they use Samsung cells instead of packets. The price includes shipping in the Continental United States.

The other option is to ship it to us and for $450 we will replace the battery and do a 10 point inspection to ensure everything is functioning properly. Price includes return shipping of the bike

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The VeloMini+ is designed to be the most versatile sub-compact electric bike in the world. It folds down to a 2 ft. by 3 ft. package, but also extends large enough to accommodate riders over 6 ft. At only 29 lbs, it's easy to carry up and down stairs, and onto public transportation.

Most compact bikes sacrifice portability for performance, but with the VeloMini+ you get the best of both worlds. The VeloMini Plus and has enough torque to easily climb hills, even while towing a 50 lb trailer! There is a throttle and three levels of pedal-assist, for the more traditional rider, which takes the bike to a top speed of 14 mph

With a simple user interface, ultra-portable lightweight design, built in headlights/tail lights, and a tracking system, the VeloMini+ is the best choice for anyone looking for a simple bike that they can take anywhere, anytime. 



29 lbs

14 mph (w/ Pedal Assist)

Up to 18 miles


35" length x 24" width  x 12" height

Twist-Throttle / 3 Level Pedal Assist

24 Volt 10ah Battery

26650 Lithium Cells


Kenda Kwest, 16" x 1.5"

Front and Rear Lights, Bluetooth Tracker, Canvas Case, Integrated Rack, Kickstand

Trunk Bag, T-1 Trailer


Top Speed


Frame Size

Folded Size






Included Accessories

Optional Accessories