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VeloMini represents the latest technology in light-weight folding electric bicycles. The powerful 180 watt motor will transport you up to 12 mph. It folds to 18″ high and fits into it own carrying case. It is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery hidden in the durable anodized aluminum frame.

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  1. pipster2121 says:

    The VeloMini has a lot of torque for a small bike. A more powerful motor would reduce the range.

  2. pipster2121 says:

    Il n’ya pas de VeloMini en France. Desoleil. Seuls les √Čtats-Unis et au Canada.

  3. pipster2121 says:

    Hi Roger,

    Sorry the motor is limited to the 180 Watt motor. However, our 3 speed has a 9AH battery giving it 50% more range. The VeloMini is the most compact and lightweight electric bike providing maximum flexibility and practicality of bringing and storing it anywhere you travel: train,bus, trunk of a car or under your desk. The compact dimensions are 43″ x 10.5″ x 18″ and it locks in its compact, other folding bikes don’t. Feel free to call us anytime 408/850-8191.

  4. pipster2121 says:

    Dear Joe,

    Thank you for your interest in the VeloMini from so far away.

    We’ve limited our distribution to North America and have no retailers in the Philippines. We have sent about a dozen bikes overseas without a problem. If you still want to purchase the bike, we can make arrangements to have the bike sent to you directly. This would require a bank to bank transfer. The cost of shipping would be around +/- USD $150 but I would have to do extra research to get the exact price and make special arrangements for you.
    I just talked to a customer in the Philippines. He uses the VeloMini to get around the Manila traffic.

    Warm regards,


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